Ways to Reach Out a Helping Hand

I was telling you how I took the watermelons to the local food bank. I did that because I have to use them on a regular basis. I know most people would not tell others that they use a food bank to get food. But with the economy getting worse and worse, I am telling you many more people are having to find ways to make ends meet. And when you only have $100 or so a month to feed a family of four, it does not go very far.

Since I need help, I try and find ways to pay it back or pay it forward as much as possible. And here is one of those ways. Taste of the NFL has the Let's Kick Hunger campaign. For the last 20 years the NFL has been working to help with this countries hunger problem. Taste of the NFL has rallied the country's top chefs and the NFL's greatest to raise money in support of food banks throughout the United States. They continue to help feed the 37 million Americans who have turned to their local food banks for assistance. People just like me!

One of the many ways you can help them out is with the purchase of their cookbook. TNFL is non-profit and is best known for their annual Super Bowl event. They pair NFL players with a chef from each NFL city to serve up their signature dish. These events are held across the country with all proceeds going to food shelves nationwide. You can find where the different events are held on their site. You can also make donations directly on this site here.

I know I am quite thankful to all the people that find ways to help their local organizations. Weather it be with the local food banks, clothes closets, senior or youth centers or other community resources. I would encourage you to do all you can to help. It helps others and you would be surprised how good it feels to know you have helped make a difference.


  1. I NEED this cookbook! That is such a great reason to buy it too.

  2. Yes, this is a cookbook I can use!


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