Mom is taking the day OFF!

Hey, It's College Girl here again. You see today is my mom's birthday. YEAH MOM! And I thought I would take over for the day. She said she did not want to make any decisions at all for one whole day. So I am deciding what to put on her blog today. And since I am in charge, than it is all about me! HA HA! Actually I have some information to share for you moms with back to school kids....even those college ones.

I am currently in my fourth year of college, a proud senior chomping at the bit to get back to school. Realistically, I know this feeling of wanting to get back will only last a few days into the semester. With auditions always scheduled on the heels of the first class day, the theater department always hits the ground running. All longing and nostalgia aside, I am relieved to know there will be no more concern over others pawing through my backpack. Its not that we're overly grabby or that theft is any major problem, but accidents do happen. This year, there will be nothing of the sort. My backpack will be the only one protected by WordLock.

The WordLock system is a padlock that uses letters instead of numbers. After all, isn't it easier to remember "eggs" or "magic" than "42-27-38"? Th small red padlock I got can spell out any number of four letter word combinations and, once set, will stay locked until the combination is entered. It so much simpler and the lock is light enough that I can attach it to the zippers on my backpack, making it impossible for it to be unzipped. I'm really looking forward to this added measure of security for my belongings. With WordLock, I'll feel safer about leaving my bag in the green room during auditions instead of walking it all the way to my car.

In addition to WordLock, I was also fortunate enough (depending on your perspective) to find and review a book I honestly could've used four years ago. The College Roomate From Hell addresses all common roommate challenges found in college, starting before move-in day. The book has a very reader-friendly layout with chapters on clashing roommate personality types, parents, cultural differences between roommates, life-threatening problems (substance abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, etc) as well as how to try and get help for a roommate with these problems, and when it's just time to move out and find a different roommate. Author Linda Fiore includes case studies throughout the book to show realistic examples of the situations she came across in her research. She gives advice on dealing with roommate problems and reminds readers to choose their battles. Living with a roommate will never be completely perfect for anyone involved, but a book like The College Roommate From Hell will help put any college student or first time apartment dweller on the right track.



    I wish I had a "college girl" to write my blog for me tonight. I'm finding it hard to sit for very long. I fell Saturday morning and hurt my tailbone. It hurts to sit, stand, or lay flat, so I'm finally going to see if I can be brave enough to go to bed. ( I'm afraid I won't be able to move in the morning.

    Love ya bunches!

  2. Hey Happy birthday. Enjoy your day off. I just checked out the Cakes from Hell blog if you need some crazy cake ideas.

    Your blog made me want a college do-over. Aaah the things I survived. I miss those days.


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