Chilled Energy

It is a hot summer day here. We are all melting. And feeling pretty run down too! But we have a rescue team here! Yes, a great cold pick me up for the middle of the day.

Doesn't that look yummy? We had wonderful iced coffee today. And the flavor of the day was Peach Cobbler. Oh what a way to celebrate summer. I wish to say thanks to New England Coffee Company for sending me some wonderful coffee. I have Peach Cobbler and Blueberry Cobbler. That is going to be used this weekend for my birthday breakfast drink. There is also New England Eye Opener too. I know of days I really need that.

Do you drink Iced Coffee? NO! Well you would really enjoy it if you did. Or so I think at least. You can get tips and ideas here on how to brew Iced Coffee. I have to say doing it the way they told me really gave me full flavor. I know that I am going to get me a Iced Coffee Tumbler too. How? Well if you go here you can send in 3 UPC codes from New England Coffee and they will send you the Iced Coffee Tumbler free! Sweet. Hurry up as the offer is over with at the end of the month.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary coffee to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. I. Love. Coffee. Iced, hot, whatever. Now, where do I get this New England coffee so I can get that snappy little cup and straw?

  2. Mmmm... that looks good. Have you ever tried Vietnamese coffee? Good stuff.

  3. Looks really yummy! I found you on New Friend Friday:)

  4. YUM!! I love iced coffee:) I personally have tried the New England Blueberry coffee iced and liked it. I also have done French Vanilla iced coffee. That tastes pretty good too. Think I am going to start a pot brewing now:P

  5. Iced coffee with an energy boost on a summer day, seems yummy, i wana try it today....


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