History Repeats Itself

Dear Hubby has been doing some reading on the history of this great land. Great land, yes! Why? Well because of the men and women who have done so much to help change the way life if for us. Just think of all the hard work that use to be done. Back breaking labor for little wages and then most was returned to the "company" store at that.

Industrial Pioneers: Scranton, Pennsylvania and the Transformation of America, 1840-1920 by Patrick Brown is one of the books Dear Hubby just finished. In the 1800's, Scranton was “the electric city” and a hub of technology and innovation. It changed from a backwoods town to a industrial city. The way people thought had to keep up with the overwhelming changes around them and forged new world views. With the many transformations that the United States today is experiencing, we can revisits how our ancestors moved from chaos to a order and found meaning in a changing world.

Dear Hubby also just finished Blood on the Constitution by
R.S. Sukle. This also told us about the 1920 depression years. So much change had happened so fast yet we fell into one of the worst economic times ever. Here he learned so much more about the labor movement and how unions came about. The space in history of our economy where men and women had to come together to work in order to make enough to live on. Now the companies that rose up ever so fast before had to find how to work with their employees.

Both of these books have so much history in them. And have shared the common theme of people coming together to forge a new road. Our economy is in hard times right now. And if we do not get out of this ME generation and back to communities sharing with each other. I really feel as does Dear Hubby, that only when we work together does a community really succeed.

I do wish to thank by Tribute Books and PRbytheBook for allowing me to have both of these stories to share. These are two great firms that are putting out quality literature and also have some friendly staff to share with too. THANKS Nicole and Babs.

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  1. Lynette and Dear Hubby - thank you for sharing 'Industrial Pioneers' with your blog readers.

    Yes, you are so right in saying that history repeats itself, and the book certainly highlights the economic practices that were born in the span from 1840-1902 that are still in use today.

    Best wishes,
    Tribute Books


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