Mending our Hearts

You may remember that I have been married before. Yes I have gone through divorce court and came out on the other side. Why do I bring this up? Well I feel that sometimes life does give us lemons. And yes we can make lemonade but sometimes we just have to get rid of the lemon. I have a very dear friend who has been going through the horrors of divorce for over a year and a half. And my heart goes out to her and her children every day. I feel so blessed that my divorce was painless. That my ex and I were able to focus on our daughter and what was really best for her. And that we really did pray for the best for each other. Yes there is Divinity in Divorce as Dr. Dena G. Churchill is able to help us find our way.

When my ex and I separated and divorced, we wanted what was best for our daughter. In every step we asked what would help her. And in doing so we did not fight. Each of us made concessions. He allowed us to move over 100 miles away so we could live near my family for a support system. And he drove to visit with her all the time. (Eventually moving to the same town even.) I lowered the amount of child support the court asked for. This way he would not have to struggle so to make his budget and appreciated the help with my budget at the same time. We attended her school events and both cheered her own. We showed her she was the love of our life even if we could not live with each other. And Dena guides others to do the same. She shares a practical way to go through the change of married to life on your own. Dena also reminds us to take Christ along with us. Just because we are changing our lives does not mean he is not still there to support us! Dena you hit the mark sending me this book.

The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews

I am so glad that my heart was mended and then led on to my very own Dear Hubby. It is a gift from God for both of us. We were given a second chance at love and it is something we both cherish so very much. I am so lucky that he is part of my life. With a daily I love you and kiss out the door to a simple text letting me know he is thinking of me to that deep kiss and embrace each evening. I try to convey to him how much I appreciate him by caring for his needs weather it be simple as making the bed and filling his medication box or making a favorite meal to hanging on the front porch listening to his day.

Thankfully we are both avid readers and share many stories too. Recently we both read The Heart Mender. It is placed in Alabama during 1942. War is raging Europe and the world is full of anger and confusion. But in all of this two people were able to overcome the craziness and fear to forgive and come together. What a wonderful love story that shows that we all can make peace. I found again we all can find ways to make our lives work. Weather it be by changing where we live to who we live with or to how we live our life. Andy Andrews thanks so much for sending me Andy Andrews book.

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