Wow Weekend

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We had so much fun this weekend with our McDonald’s® McNuggets® and Shrek Forever After™ House Party™. What fun to have a dozen kids running around playing. From touch football in the backyard to horse shoes in the side yard and on to swinging on the horse swing and swing set in the front yard. Top that off with a marathon of all three Shrek DVD's running non stop in the house. I can not wait to Shrek Forever After movie. And the soundtrack has to be fantastic (all of them are). The kids enjoyed having the great toys from McDonalds to role play their own show in the fenced in yard.

We had several games that gave us winners for several goodies. The poster of Shrek, a DVD of Shrek 3 and the ultra cool Shrek glasses that are at McDonalds were the prizes. Ms. Emma loved winning the sack race with the help of her Poppa. Charity's two kiddos did great at scoring for two of the prizes. And Eye-Spy was a new game for a few of the kids too! I am so glad to have won this house party and to have the help from my nieces to pull it off. We all enjoyed the great food. We all know that Chicken Nuggets are yummy but they are even better with fresh grapes, strawberries and bananas too!

One of the best things for me is that my very best friend was able to make it to my party with her lovely daughter. I have not seen her in over a year and was thrilled to have them at my home. Now we have friends but to spend time with my Bestest Friend of over 35 years made my heart sing. It is so interesting how our friendship has grown as we became grown-ups. Seeing us through the birth of our children (even though there is a 19 year difference in their ages), marriages and divorces, moves all over Texas and the world...friendship has held as a very tight bond.

Do you have that kind of true friend? Is there a friendship that makes being a woman (or man) that much easier? What is the best part of a close friendship no matter how far apart you may physically be? Lisa Welchel (from The Facts of Life) has written a book, Friendship for Grown-Ups. It is part of the Women of Faith book selections. I loved reading this book and it made me think so much of my great friendships. It was great to read how our friendships are gifts from God. That as gifts we are to treat them special. And of course the best part of a gift is un-wrapping them and seeing the beauty unfold. Lisa takes us step by step into why we need friends and how to appreciate the beauty of the gift friendship is. I do wish to thank Book Sneeze for sharing this great gift with me too!


  1. We had a great time at the party. Ashe hasn't hung his poster (possibly since we'll be moving soon and are in the process of packing) but Amy is sure hogging the Puss in Boots cup. She won't even let me touch it! I can barely look at it without her glaring back at me as if my eyes alone could steal it from her. Kids! Thanks for having us over, we really all did have a wonderful time!


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