Beauty from Horror

What is some of the ugliest words you know of? Name three right now. What were they? My college girl automatically went to curse words as did our friend Nessa. But as much as I do not like some of those horrid words I know of some that are worse. The ugliest words I know of are:

Cancer, Infertile and Alone.

Those are words that put fear in my heart. Words that can reduce me to tears in an instant. Words that tear at our hearts while making us feel like we can not fix anything. But there is always hope. Always.

With hope we can overcome illness, fear and obstacles. With hope we grow, understand and live again. Talk4Hope is a family book series. One of the books they feature is You Are Not Alone-Families Touched by Cancer. I have a friend who has battled breast cancer this last year. My family is walking for the American Cancer Society this next month. And I lost my birth father due to cancer. Of course I have been touched by cancer in many other areas. But having it hit your family makes it personal. Eva Grayzel has created a wonderful book that shows how cancer touches children all around the world. And how they have gained strength to overcome the effects. I love the way they share ways to help support your family. It is inspiring. Eva you have really managed to help inspire with this book, thank you.

My other word was infertile. One of my local friends has gone through life wish for a child but was unable to ever conceive. My best friend had to go through so many doctors, labs and clinics before she was blessed with her daughter. Paul and Shannon Morell also had to go though In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). But their story became a struggle from there. In Misconception: One Couple's Journey from Embryo Mix-Up to Miracle Baby tells it all. Their child as an embryo was implanted in the wrong woman's womb. Instantly she became a surrogate when that was not the journey she had planned. Oh the story of how these two families had to come together to create the family that was intended is amazing. I was crying and jumping for joy in many parts of this true story. I will have to extend a great thank you to Miguel for sharing this journey with me. Wow what a story!

My last word was alone. How I often feel that I am all alone here. Sitting in my house while Dear Hubby is at work and my mom is out with friends. Stewing that I do not wish to be here and yet feel trapped to stay. But when I read such stories I am reminded I am not alone. God is with me. And so is my family even when they have other obligations. My friends are as close as across the street or a text message away. Alone is not something I have to feel or embrace.

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