Celebrating Instead of Crying

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I have a lil mix today. Sensing the sad in my life right now....loss of family member, I felt that an upbeat post would be best. So on with the show, right?

First off I want to tell you that I enjoy a nice glass of wine but I am very very picky. You see I am a sweet gal. No not like that, I like sweet things. So not too many red wines cross my path. More of a white dessert type wine. And my favorite is Fetzer VineyardsValley Oaks Gewurztraminer. Now I may not be able to say the name of this wine well but I sure can sip it. Top that off I found it was a 'best' wine in my book Good, Better, Best Wines-A No Nonsense Guide to Popular Wines. My handy dandy go to book for getting a wine to go with a meal or occasion. Nice pocket size and easy to use. Also the wines in this book are all under $15 so very very affordable. Worth having as a resource to finding the wine you are looking for. You can see a book trailer here http://www.wine-tribune.com . Thanks Abby for sharing this with me!

Next I want to tip my hat to one very smart lady. Jessica has put out HINT water. Now we all enjoy having water to keep us hydrated and healthy. And of course we would like a lil flavor from fruit and such. Then no one wants any sugars or such dirty-ing up their water either. But Jessica knows that we also would like to have a lil 'adult' water. So she took that into mind and made up mixed drinks using HINT water as a mixer. Fantastic. Now we have a great tasting drink and cut the sugars out of other mixers. She is one smart cookie. I thank her for sending me a few bottles to try for myself.

Here is a couple of ideas from Jessica:

Healthy Mama for the summer time.
1 part vodka
1 1/2 parts HINT watermelon water
1 slice of watermelon
Ohhhh, cool drink that is just sweet enough.

Sweet Mama for us GRITS (girls raised in the south)
2 oz pomegranate vodka
6 oz HINT pomegranate-tangerine water
2 mint leaves (yes pop them off of your own lil plant in the window sill)
dash of honey syrup
This is a front porch sipper if I ever had one.

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