Melting Off Pounds

Well I have been making a strong attempt to stay on my workout schedule again. It has been going well. I am making it up to workout at Curves 3 to 5 days a week again. I feel much better for it. But I did a lot of damage this winter so I have to really work hard to get back down.

Thankfully Katie Burns at Rosica has heard my plea for help. She sent me the Belly Burner Belt. It was created to help intensifies your calorie burn by increasing your thermal core temperature. It is made of high quality neoprene that naturally generates more heat around your waist. The belt focuses energy to burn off unwanted inches.
The Belly Burner is simple to use with Velcro designed to take it on and off. I worn it under my clothes to squeeze every extra calorie out of my normal daily activities. Thankfully it is available in either medium or large at for $39.90

Now I have noticed a drop in weight from the last two weeks wearing the Belly Burner. I have lost 7 lbs during that time. But I am saddened to say that the belt is already coming apart. I know I have been sweating (suppose to do that with it on) but the material is coming apart from the cover and tearing in many places. So the belt is not holding up as it should. I feel that in a month it will be unwearable for me. I have enjoyed all the material that came with the belt. Booklets from Bobby Waldron. There is the Exercise and Food Journal, Meal Planner Nutrition Log and At-A-Glance Calorie Counter. I also received the FREE DVD, featuring Bobby Waldron, celebrity trainer and creator of the Belly Burner Belt.


  1. Good luck staying on track! I know i need it! :)

  2. Congrats on your weight loss and going to Curves!!


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