Bowling One Legged

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Last night we did not get to do our regular bowling night with the in-laws. Instead Dear Hubby had to work a full shift (after working his regular full shift at job #1). So I had to spend some time home alone. But that just gave me time to look into a few things.

You see we bowl with my in-laws who are both in their 70's. My dad-in-law has only one leg now. And he still bowls a really good game. But he had to change up his game. He had to learn how to throw the ball all different then he had the majority of his life. It helps that he uses his motorized chair with the arm taken off so he can swing his arm.

It was great to have help NMEDA dealer when we was getting his truck altered so he could still drive. Just as we had to get him a motorized chair and wheelchair. I was thankful to have the education and help when we were having to find out what the needs were for my father in law. It was also so helpful to find out what would be needed to help him continue driving. You would be surprised at all the aids that can help keep people mobile. We also used the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) to find the right items too. Because all people are different we can not assume that the same wheelchair or motorized chair will fit everyone the same. Nor the aids to help one keep driving.

I love that my father in law is still the busy active man that he has been in the past. He did not stop with all of his activities. 70 years old and one legged and still helping with the veterans program, Santa's helpers, youth group at church and hospice care groups. I wish I was as active as he is. Do you have elderly or disabled family members? What special needs did you have to find? Was there someone or something that helped the most?

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  1. Wow, I am happy that he gets to get out and do fun things like that and that he doesn't let his disability hold him back. Good for him!

  2. If he can bowl one-legged, then there's probably not much else he can't do!


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