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This is for Tammy and Maureen and all my other bloggy friends who are cooped up at the house all the time. You understand that it is hard to put down the twinkies when the kiddos love 'em so. Or that Diet Dr. Pepper is not a food group on to it's own. We even understand that bath time does not always come with chocolate. But that does not mean we are the best at following rules.

So what do we do. Well I am a lucky one and run away daily to work out at Curves. But many of us can not do just that. So how about our own lil workout systems at home. Ladies with the kids remember the most important thing. Kids do not judge our size at all! They just want to have fun with us. Now that we all know that let's move on.

Lynette's Crazy Workout Plans

1. We all need to stretch. So put all the breakfast food down on the lowest cabinets. That way each morning we have to reach down to get out those Wheaties and Oatmeal Crunch. Reach for the cereal and come back up. Do it 10 times before we actually grab that cereal to fix for the kiddos.
2. Did you move all those cereal bowls and glasses to the top shelf? Well do so. Now 10 arm reaches and up on those tippy toes to get those. Of course 10 times each.
3. That gallon of milk is a great weight control. Yes it is good for you and to man handle to. Do 10 (yeah that is my magic number) arm curls with it on each arm to pour milk for that cereal we stretched for.
4. Pull out the chair to have a seat. But first how about some deep bend of the knees. Use the back of the chair to balance and do those deep bends. See what is under the table while your doing them. How many? 10!
5. Have that well deserved seat. And stretch out those legs. Now let's all touch those toes while we are stretched out so well. You can pretend your tying your shoes if you must.
6. Enjoy that wonderful and healthy breakfast. Some milk, a lil whole grain cereal, got a piece of fruit too? Great this is what you need to keep going.
7. Okay now time to wash up. You can twist and shout while you do that. Twist to the right and grab a bowl, twist to you left and wash it out. Twist to the right and to the left. Do it a few more times....til you get to 10.

Well that is a lil stretch for the start. I will do a few more hints tomorrow. Whatcha think?


  1. Sounds like my kind of workout!

  2. Oh my dear. You have it all wrong. I HATE Twinkies! And I go for the real thing..........Dr Pepper. I leave the Diet Dr P for Miss Rene. See I used to drink the diet but then my doctor said "You have fibromyalgia so you need to quit drinking the caffeine and the dark colas." So I switched to 7UP my next favorite, well tell my head that it can't have caffeine, will ya? Anyhow, now I just can't do the diet soda, thanks 7UP I am blaming it on you.

    I used to go to Curves when I had a real life and LOVED it. Of course I had to just stand on the stations most of the time because my heart rate was too darn high but I enjoyed it so much.

    If I did those things the kiddos would probably think that I am have seizures or something. lol No, really they would. I have tried to a kids exercise program on "On Demand" but they don't last long. And I mean long as in very many days in a row. I still have to check out the My Gym DVD I won here from you. BTW I got it in the mail yesterday, did I tell you?

    Anyhow, those are some great ideas that you have, I just may try some of those and then I will let you know what the kiddos think:)

    Have a great FRIDAY!!

  3. I just realized that the My Gym is a CD not a DVD. I thought my DVD player was broke. lol

  4. @ Love my two Dogs:
    OH NO! LOL Yes you won the CD of Activators....they also have a web site.
    http://www.theactivators.net/ There are videos there for the kiddos to watch and do.
    And don't for get about
    for quiet time too!

  5. You saying you want me to exercise honey? oh my... thats a sceeeery thing!


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