Texans have thier Boots ON!

This last weekend College Girl could not make it to the Grandbabes birthday parties. Why? Well her best friend was walking across the stage to get two degrees from his college career. We are all so proud of him. College Girl will be making that walk soon enough herself. But in the mean time she was able to head over and congratulate several of her friends instead.

She took a book (of course from the amount of books we always go through) as a present to her friend. It was Bootstrap Leadership by Steve Arneson. We felt this was a great gift to help with the new changes that will be facing this young man as he moves into the workforce. He has a desire to help create a community theater in his town and that will take quite a bit of leadership there. Steve Arneson gives us 50 ways to take charge and move up in Bootstrap Leadership. What I liked was that each chapter was fully contained. So you can flip from one to another in any order you would like to read. The other great thing was that the ideas cost next to nothing to get started. Just right for a broke college student to be able to go from. Personally I feel we all can learn from the line of leadership books. There are always ways we can grow stronger in our own lives. And also implement the ideas with our families, church lives and community organizations. I do wish to thank Katie and Zoe for sending me this one. It was great to read and even a better gift.

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