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I live out in the country, small town land. And we do not get a choice of cable or satellite TV here. Thus we get to only choose between Direct or Dish. And we have to also purchase Netflixs to have movies and shows at our fingertips. So that is two bills we have to pay. But for those of you who do have the choice of Charter then you also have an extra benefit.

Charter on Demand is automatic for anyone who has Charter cable. With this service you can choose from over 6.000 movies to watch at your leisure. Like instant watch of Netfix, Charter on Demand is where you can pick your movie at the time you want to watch it. And the better news......IT IS FREE! Yes, no extra charge at all.

So if you have small kiddos who want to watch 24 hour Dora (like the lil kiddos I know of) then you can schedule special showings that fit your schedule. I end up waiting for several days for a new disc of NCIS to show up in my mail for us to continue the series. But alas that is due to not having this choice of Charter On Demand. And if you are tired of running down to the video store or waiting for long downloads to see shows online, then this may just be the answer for you. You can learn more at And do not forget to get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.

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  1. Sounds pretty cool...I'm pretty happy with just having internet and Netflix though. If I don't have my next disc in the mail and can't find something on instant watch, then I should probably be trying to do something productive anyway! lol


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