High-Jacked by College Girl

This blog is being high-jacked once again. Yeah, College Girl here and I have taken off with another of my mom's finds. Since she is lucky enough to have friends at Phenix & Phenix, I feel blessed to take advantage of the booty that made it's way into my hands. So here goes another high-jacked blog post!

When you're feeling icky, there's nothing better than a bowl of
chicken soup. Unfortunately, as every college student knows, that
stuff doesn't microwave easily, so we have to make do with cheaper or
simpler alternatives - things that won't get slimy or too greasy after
being heated in a microwave. A simple alternative and great gift is
the Chicken Soup books, particularly Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus
Chronicles. The book, like all of the Chicken Soup series, is filled
with personal stories about life.

This book, specifically, is about the many aspects of campus life.
From choosing majors to finding love to studying abroad, it's all
here. Reading such stories is so refreshing for me, knowing that
someone else has been through what I'm going through. College is a
very confusing time and a lot of students these days don't or aren't
encouraged to share their stories. They don't tell what they went
through to change majors or what they want to do with their degrees or
how hard they worked to get this scholarship and that loan, how they
felt upon getting accepted to college. Here, I can finally hear some
of those stories told by the people who lived them.

College can be a scary, confusing place, even as an upperclassman or
grad student. The same questions seem to keep sprouting up. The one
I've heard the most is "what are you going to do after college?"
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles provides several examples
of people answering that question themselves and prove that that
answer can be found anywhere. It also answers other questions like
"where can I go to make friends on campus?" "how would/did study
abroad change my life?" "what did I learn from living in a dorm room?"
"how can I juggle a full class-load and a job and/or a relationship?"
and "how did I get over heartbreak/disaster striking in the middle of
the semester?" The various authors tell their stories well and the
organization of the book make it easy to navigate if you want to read
about a certain subject. All in all, Campus Chronicles gets a 100%.

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  1. I love the Chicken Soup books... I have a young cousin who is in her first year of college.. Living on campus, away from home for the first time. I bet she would love this book..
    Great review College Girl.. good job!
    Now step away from your mom's blog!!! hahaha!


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