Are you a Junkie?
Are you?

I am a Junkie!
Yes this is my confession.
It has finally caught up with me.
I can not go through a day with out a fix.
Sometimes I even call my College Girl and have her help me.

You see, every day I am online. Yeah you too! I noticed. But I have to go and check out my Cafe and my Zoo and my Town and my Farm and my Hotel and my City and my Aquarium and up my score on my Game. Yes, I am addicted to Face Book!

Oh the shame of it all. I don't know how it got this bad? One day I was happy 'cause I had a friend. The next I am tied to this computer praying my food has not gone bad and that someone sent me a pane of glass. I scour discussion looking for a Lemming. I talk to strangers! I have friends I have never met! I have my College Girl feed my babies. How did it get this bad?

Oh, and the worst of the worst.....I have stopped visiting other blogs like I use to do.......Please someone......I need intervention. Make me stop! And bring me back to you. I miss you. Really I do. And I.....

Yes I.......


Oh and if you want you can be my friend too!!/lynette355


  1. Oh Lynette... they need to start a club for us... you know us Bloggers who are now Facebook addicts.. I am the same way.
    I absolutely loved visiting blogs, entering giveaways, just leaving comments.. all of it.. I loved blogging. But then something happened and I found facebook.
    I am so addicted to Las Vegas Slots,Farmville, Farkle.. the whole facebook trap.
    Let me know if you figure out how to get out, I have been trying... oops gotta go I know I need to harvest my squash now!!!
    Have a good day! See ya on Facebook!

  2. Hi, my name is Tammy and I am a FaceBook addict. It all started when I couldn't resist the urge to find out what this FarmVille was all about. I have been sucked into the FarmVille, Country Life world along with Temple of Mahjong @ and Bejeweled Blitz and Collapse (which I have on CD). I gave up Garden World because I had to gardens and well you can only do so much with that. My house is a disaster, laundry is not done, I am missing my naps with the kiddos, I am planning meals around harvest time. Gee, you would think I were doing this for a living. Wow, we all need help.

    When shall we meet again for the next meeting of FA? lol

  3. Hi My Name Is Lynette....well not really....but I am using it as an see I am also a FB addict.....dang this is hard......can we meet over on my FB page? I would be happy to add any apps to help you so you can help me. I know people....I could hook you up! huh????

  4. LMAO!! I am SO NOT an addict of these games. I never even tried them. Personally I have entirely too many things to do to farm on my computer! I know other people enjoy it and that's great, y'all have fun. I have begun selecting the "Ignore all requests from this application" on all the requests I get sent. Nothing personal...not that I don't want to help anyone out, I just don't want to start playing and get sucked in like everyone else, because the last thing I need is ANOTHER addiction.

  5. My family are all addicted to the scrabble game on FB: lexulus. It's actually really nice, as it's encouraged more interaction between my family and my son than we used to have. It's hard to engage teenagers and this has been a way for them to connect with him. He and my sister play together (and chat throughout the game) almost every night. They are serious addicts. I usually just check my games once a day.


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