Where oh Where am I Suppose to Be?

How many times have you felt like you have restarted your life? That you came to a point of having to make a decision that changes the course you are on. And then we all take time (or so I hope) to think, pray and ponder til we come to a decision on what path to take. Yeah, we have all been there.

Next? How often when you do that do you find that you come to a screeching halt right afterwards? Yeah! It comes to that too. And I am at that point again. Dang it. And it makes me mad! Really mad!

Why? Well cause I have changed so much of my life again. I gave up income that I really really needed to pay my bills. Because I felt that I was needed in a more important role. And also for all the physical hard work I put into the change. Weeks of heavy labor for me. Then I informed so many of this change because it was going to be so drastic for my lifestyle. And now....well now I have to go back and recant. Then I also look around and see now how am I going to recoup the financial lose? And I worry so for the person I was making the change for. Their life did not go as expected either.

What to do? What to do?

I will say it is making me delve deeper into a book I have been reading. "Answering Your Call" by John P. Schuster has been one of my latest books. It is to help you focus and learn how to live for your deepest purpose. And I thought I was on that path too. I was following what I was learning. How to find the courage to respond to this new change. To stay on track for it even when I was worried on how it would all work out. And not letting others sabotage what I was called to do. No I do not think this book has anything to do with the changes that have happened. I saw it as another aid to help me in the changes. I like that John Schuster who is a coach, trainer and speaker was able to put into words the feelings I was dealing with. And I also loved that it continued to guide me toward prayer to know what our purpose is. But now I am having to read and seek out ways to accept that the change is not going to happen. And continue to find my purpose. But I will say, currently I am exhausted.

How do you deal with major changes? How do you deal with the stones that get in your path? And how do you know when your purpose is being fulfilled? I do wish thank Berrett-Koehler Publishers for sending me "Answering Your Call". And I would like to tell you it is a good book for guidance. You might be interested in it yourself. I am hoping it will continue to guide me as I keep on with my new journey, what ever it may be.


  1. Hey Kiddo! Sorry to hear about all the upeavel going on. Just remember, when God closes a window, He'll open a door to something else. Call me when you get a chance.

    Love ya!


  2. I can't really explain the process I go through when I begin to consider a change or crossroads. I start by analyzing everything, how the change would effect me and my kids, both good and bad. And whether the change would create more benefits for us all than problems. It's a very long process for me. The final straw is whether I have the things (money, support, etc) I need to enact the change.


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