Pain Free Once Again

I have been struggling to work out and get back in to top form. But have had so much pain in my right knee. It seems that I managed to some how put more strain on my knee than I thought while cleaning the house last month. But having to deal with the rheumatoid arthritis also is not any fun.

I have had luck working with Noxicare natural pain relief cream on my knee. This is a specially formulated for joint, nerve and musculoskeletal pain. I do like that is is fragrance fee and does not stain either. And I am going to let my friends, Emma's Mom and Jayde know about Noxicare too! Both of them deal with the pain from fibromyalgia. And I want to tell Emma's Grandmother too since she is dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy too. I am now back working out at Curves and able to jog in place again. Thanks for the help Noxicare.

I also have the luck to share this with you too. How? Of course with a giveaway. So if you want to have your own tube of pain relief cream then do the usual....comment, comment, comment! We will draw a winner on May 16th, 2010.

Entries are as usual.
1 for visiting and telling me one of the natural plants that are in it.?
1 for commenting on when you use thank you cards.
1 for following this blog.
2 for putting this giveaway up on face book (leave two comments).
5 for blogging about this giveaway (leave five comments).
1 for twittering and you can do that daily (leave comment and link for each).


  1. Glad you found some relief!

  2. I have fibro too :( Its a bummer for sure...


  3. Holy Basil-is another ingredient in Noxicare, my son has back pain and it sounds hopeful. Glad it is helping you. vickers_73460 AT yahoo DOT com


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