That Cycle is Finally Giving Back

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I am working with the American Cancer Society on this years walk-a-thon. In doing so I have found out a lot of information for ways to help. But in doing so I also have learned many things that cross over to different illnesses and health risk. Some of it has been about heart patients. Since my mom is a heart patient it has really struck my interest.

One of the things is the information about Stem Cell research. How stem cells are being used to help in the treatment and management of stroke victims. So far bone marrow and umbilical cord blood have been the sources for stem cells. But they are finding that there is another source that is rich and renewable. It may be a lil off setting but it makes perfect sense to me. And that is from us lovely women and our menstrual cycle.

In an April 2010 'Stem Cells and Development' article shows that stem cells are found in menstrual blood. And this may one day be a potential source for stem cell therapies for stroke and other central nervous system disorders. I am not that worldly but found the article interesting to read. I found that Cryo-Cell is working with researchers world-wide on pre-clinical studies of Célle for potential future therapies. These may possibly treat disorders such as diabetes, breast cancer and wound-healing. C'elle in 'Medical News Today' has demonstrated potential to transform stem cells from our menstrual cycle into many other cell types for future regenerative therapies.

There is a kit that has been approved for collecting these stem cells. And then they are flash frozen for later use. We can have them stored to help us when they are needed. Célle is being offered at a $100 discount on the $499 retail price with a special limited time offer for collection, processing, testing and 1st year storage at $399. Use coupon code CLSTR if you decided to do this.

Visit my sponsor: Stem Cells May Benefit Stroke Patients

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