Fantasy becomes Reality

Dear Hubby and I have foregone our date night bowling for a movie instead. And boy did I ever enjoy it. Tonight we watched James Cameron's Avatar. I was so thrilled to receive it from Click Communications. Now you can get this on a regular DVD but most people are buying the Blu-Ray edition. Director James Cameron shows audiences a spectacular world beyond imagination. Here a reluctant hero goes on a journey of redemption and discovery. And in doing so he leads a heroic battle to save civilization.

It was a wonderful evening of J & D's Bacon Popcorn and Diet Lime Coke (yeah, what a combination) while holding Dear Hubby's hand. I loved escaping with him into a whole new land and journey. What beautiful scenes that drew me into this world. I felt like I had walked into one of my favorite Sci-Fi dreams.

Now for the words that come first. Amazing, Beautiful, Epic, Fantasy becomes Reality. I have to say where The Wizard of Oz brought technicolor to the eye, Avatar brought stereoscopy to the soul. I was jumping up and down during scenes cheering on the "people". My dear hubby had tears in his eyes experiencing the depth of love shown. And my friend said he was just blown away.

AVATAR became available on Blu-ray Disc and DVD everywhere in the United States and Canada on Earth Day, April 22, 2010. Thank you again Click Communications and Scott Neumyer.


  1. Wait wait wait... bacon popcorn?

  2. I already have my copy. Kevin and I went to see it in the theater in February and I fell in love with Pandora. I am SO moving there asap!!

  3. I watched this movie this weekend and LOVED it! WOW talk about amazing!



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