Weekend Fun

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This weekend was a great time spent with College Girl. Lucky to have tickets to the musical "The Boyfriend" that the theater department presented. CG was in charge with the sound design this time around. We arrived early so there would be time for dinner and drinks before the show. This was fun loving and a bit surprising. You see we did the round of desserts that all of us shared. Two of them were hot cobbler and hot brownie, both with ice cream on top. Now Dear Hubby has a horrid tooth ache so steered clear of the ice cream. But was thrilled to taste the hot melted butter that was on the hot desserts. Of course we all dug in as soon as he started saying how yummy it was. I made sure to have a big scoop of ice cream with my cobbler. And was it ever butter-y! So strong of butter, hot melting butter! Yes, Butter! NOT ICE CREAM! Our lovely waitress thought she was scooping ice cream but instead it was big scoops of butter. So yes sir-ee, I had a mouth full of butter. BLAH!

Well, talking about College Girl and shared interest, I wanted to tell you about "Book by Book". This is a guide on creating mother-daughter book clubs. We are both avid readers. I love sharing stories with her. I do wish I had this guide when she was younger. It helps to have tools on how to create a book club. A great part of this is the listing of books that appeal to the mother-daughter audience. It also helps to share what activities you can plan too. I wonder if I should start up a neighborhood book club for moms and daughters? It is an idea.


  1. That is too much butter, even for me. Now if she was scooping bacon...

  2. Hi! I participated in PJ's New Testament trivia game and entered to win the devotional book! She asked me to pop over and tell you hi :-). So...HI!

  3. OHHH...I like butter and all..just not that much. I do, however, agree with SkylersDad that if it were bacon....

    I would love to hear your idea for starting a mother/daughter reading club. I'm sure Amy would be interested and so would I, if I can find the time to sqeeeeze it in.

  4. I love the link you gave. What a great idea!


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