Yes You Can!

"Can you hear me now?" That is a phrase we most often associate with cell phones. But it seems to be a under current of how we feel. Do you, can you, will you hear me? How often do you speak only to feel that your not heard. I think that is almost every mom's downfall.

Well as you know by now, I think the books that are written for the work force are great to use at home too. The issues are the same just on a different front. And us moms want not only to be heard but for the follow through to happen also. "Yes You Can!" written by Stacey Hanke and Mary Steinberg gives us tips on how to influence others to take action. Here we learn that it is not just what we say but how we say it.

A prime example is my Dear Hubby. He does not tell me what to do...he a loving way. In response I almost always want to comply. I mean how do you not say yes to a request that has Dear, Thank You, Please and Appreciate You all in it? Now this communication is not something that came natural to him or I. But through trial and error (we both have been married twice before).

And in return I have had to learn a few things. With my type A personality (you know the Mrs. Always Right issue) I have to stop myself and remind myself that I do not know it all. And what I do not know, I DO NOT know. And also to pause. Listen. Hear! Less is more you know. Or as so many designers will say, edit edit edit.

What I do like is the point of direct communication. Looking in the eyes when you talk. To speak to be heard not to just talk. And that we should speak less and listen more. What great skills to pass on to our kiddos.


  1. Hey Kiddo! Yea! I feeling much better.. One of my teeth is better, the other not so much I only got one pulled instead of both because at $113.00 a whack, (which is cheap) I can only do one at a time. Anyway, I got the worst one out. The bottom one losens and tightens at will. (IT'S WILL). I've been missing you at Curves too. I'ved started doing the new "Rear (they call is something different) burning Class. I went yesterday but was late. I got there when everyone else was on their last lap and I still didn't make it all the way around before running out of steam! Those noon girls have got it goin' on! Anyway, I'm going at noon on Mondays, and Thursdays, and morning all the others. I've been slacking since I got sick, but I have GOT TO get back on schedule! What's this about me winning your 100 followers give-away? Yea! You must be my lucky charm. By the way! Whenever it gets here, I'm going to be giving my first "book review" and Give-Away! I also registered with Blogvertise and am waiting for a reply from them. I'm still not confident enough to do a pay per post yet. I don't know if I could do that very well or not as I am not very original.

    I'm really anxious to get started though.

    Love ya bunches!


  2. Certainly communication will garner what it will from the speaker's tone...but also consistency in maintaining an open forum for listening, really listening, is key to any communication. Great post.

  3. Hi,
    I just arrived from PJ's Prayerline and entered the challenge for her giveaway. I like your site. Cool.

    Yaya's Changing World


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