Up Coming Surprises

Toddler BedImage by secondtree via Flickr

Surprise! I get a great gift sent here. Wonder if you would ever guess what it is. Well it is not a toddler bed, that is for sure. But it will be arriving from the same place. You know a toddler bed would make a great place for all my 5 dogs to sleep. Get them out of my bed. Heck that is a great idea! Wonder if I should get one just for that. Do you think they would sleep there? Yeah! Your right! Dear Hubby or I would end up in it. Guess and see if you can figure it out what will be arriving?
There are many surprises coming up though. Tonight is the SouthLAnd screening party at my house. Yeah, pop on in and share the great times with us. TNT has another great man show on (gotta since Men of a Certain Age is not there right now). And my Dear Hubby loves a good drama TV show. If your in the area it will pay to pop over...honest! Everyone that sees the screening at MY HOUSE will receive the box set of Season 1 of SouthLAnd on DVD! Am I ever excited. I have to say thanks so much to YouCast and TNT for that wonderful gift. So tonight I am watching and taking photos of all the guest. Hope your one of them. Don’t miss tonight’s episode at 10/9c.
There is a chat going to happen tonight also. Almost everyone on the cast (including Ben McKenzie, Regina King and Michael Duclitz) are taking part in it. The chat will be today, Tues. March 2 at 11pm ET/10pm CT (immediately following the Season 2 premiere).

Well today will be a busy one for me. Will be at Curves for the first half of it. Then dashing back to help out with all the child care. We have 2 new lil lads now. So Grandma will have morning duty and me afternoon. But, that may change some as College Girl may come home. If so then off to get taxes straightened out. Oh what a headache that has been. Long story and no, I am not sharing. By the way, if your interested in Curves the join this month. They have their annual food drive going on. (At least we do!) And if you bring a bag of food to be donated to the local food pantry then your start up fees will be waived. That is a great savings for you and much needed help to many families!


  1. Sounds like life's hoppin! And I love love your new background :-)

  2. we did the toddler bed thing for our irish wolfhound. she loved it because it was easier than getting off the floor because of her size. get a used one and make sure it's sturdy. the metal ones are not very durable.

  3. Toddler bed? I'm putting together a new crib. Southland? I watched the first couple episodes but I just didn't get into it.


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