Winners Abound

Ladies and Gentlemen (yes that is you Captain Dumbass and Skylers Dad)
I am proud to announce my newest winners!

Drum roll please. (yeah, we see the guys have their best air drums going)!

I would like to Congratulate
3 Monkey's in Disguise and M and M for winning in my last two giveaways.

3 Monkey's in Disguise will be getting a copy of this "rainbow tree" from Jayde's Lil Corner. I would like to thank Jayde for hosting this giveaway. And for my copy of the "rainbow tree" too!

M and M won the second copy of Crave! I so enjoyed reading this book by Chris Tomlinson. I can so recognize the desire to fill the craving I have. And weather it be for donuts, relationships or God we all have those empty spots we are looking to fill. The secret is to know if we are filling them with the right items? I want to thank Chris for sharing "Crave: Wanting So Much More of God" with me and hosting this giveaway!

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