Sick Day Save by Minnie's Bow-Tique

I hate that all the lil ladies here have been sick all week. You know that nasty runny nose and horrid cough going around. It sure has made play time less than enjoyable. And we have had alot of laying around time.

Well today we can rest and still have fun! I have the brand new (just released yesterday) copy of Minnie's Bow-Tique. This is the newest of Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series of DVD's. And my set of lil ladies squealed when they saw the dvd.

We started off all bundled up on the couches so we could see the shows.
Minnie’s Bow-tique
Minnie’s Bee Story
Minnie’s Picnic
Minnie’s Pajama Party (this has an episode not seen til 4-6-10)

Then was able to go on with two episodes, ‘Minnie’s Pajama Party,’ and ‘Minnie’s Bee Story, including Disney’s Adventure Mode – an interactive game using the remote control with multiple play levels.

They all took turns playing the special features with the Bow-Tique Game. We had Disney's Adventure Mode where each lil lady had the ability to do different levels with multi player controls. There was 4 different BOW show games too! So we did not get bored quickly and had lots of time to play each level. Our littlest lady really likes hands on she was drawn to the magnets that was in the package. We had several bows and a great photo frame too. She spent much time at the fridge rearranging them.

So I have to give Dustin at Click Communications and Disney a super big thank you for sending me this new DVD. It sure has saved our sick time and kept the lil ladies entertained.

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