Winter Blahs?

I suffer horrid from the winter blahs.  Dark days and drab weather just suck the life out of me.  Does it affect you the same way?  And I have to take meds for this.  Yeah, y’all have heard this before.  Did you know I have a terrible time swallowing pills?  Have all my life.  As a matter of fact I was 24 before I could swallowing a pill.  Really. 

So what does my doctor, mother, dear hubby, friends and more tell me to do?  Take daily vitamins to help boost my system and feel more energy.  Me?  I think, yeah another pill to swallow.  NO WAY!  Well I know they are right.  It helps me to feel better if I get a dose of those great lil vitamin and minerals.  And I can without swallowing any pills.  YEHAW!


Ola Loa sent me a great package of effervescent hydrating sports drink mix and super multi mineral mix.  Yeah, I can “Drink Your Vitamins”.  I just take a lil package (looks like a lil kool-aid package) and dump it in some cold water (4 to 6 oz), mix and drink.  And it does not have that yucky mineral taste either.  Instead I get mixed berry, lemon lime, mango tangerine and my fav was cran-raspberry.  Top it off, I have started feeling better too.   You can get your free samples too. Just pop over here  for them. The blahs are falling away and I have more energy to chase the kiddos around.    So I guess my family and all are right.  But I got to do this one on my terms.

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  1. Glad you found some vitamins! I have to gradually build myself up to a full dose of vitamins otherwise they make me sick. Plus, I also have some difficulty swallowing pills.


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