Movie Night Tonight

We are having movie night tonight and I am looking forward to it. You love those times? Everyone curled up in blankets with pillows all around. Passing the popcorn bowl to each other. Drinks and other snacks (aka movie candy) on all the side tables. This is one of the family times I love the best. Every thing is warm and cozy. And we all become movie critics for one night, yabbering about the good parts and discussing acting talents. With College Girl working on her theater major, movies become a great family discussion time.


Well tonight is a new release for all the family. Just came out today! The Boys are Back is now on DVD. This is a PG-13 family show so should be appropriate for a large group. And I feel that there are not many movies that show life from a dad’s point of view. Well this one is right on the money. It follows a man aka CLIVE OWEN who, in the wake of his wife's tragic death, finds himself in a sudden state of single parenthood raising two boys. The Warr household, father and sons, must each find their own way. This story is about the transforming power of a family crisis and the grace of everyday life and love that gets us all through.

Well tonight we are going to be hanging with The Boys are Back. Watching their family come together as our family does the same thing. Hope you join us!

*Update* Oh how I hate giving away what a movie is about. But I really enjoyed this one. "The Boys are Back" was not sugar coated but not so rough to turn one off. I enjoyed the balance of realism and seeing life in a different light. Clive did a great job and I was so happy to watch the interplay with the boys and dad. Great show to watch and two thumbs up! On the special features there is a beautiful photographic journal. Oh my, what a beautiful country to begin with. But then you see the fun interplay with the actors. And some of the photos are fantastic studies of faces and catching one's character. I also enjoyed seeing the two sons in real life interacting with their star counterparts. Quite interesting how well they were matched up...the energy level of the youngest son playing off of Nicolas McAnulty as they started to goof off and wrestle. Then George MacKay (remember him from Harry Potter) portrayed the quiet older son. When he met his real life counter part you could see how their body language matched right up. Walt Disney Home Studios backed a wonderful film. But we always love seeing their films.

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