National Rubber Ducky Day

According to my neighbors calender today is National Rubber Ducky day.
And since my hubby is a massive Rubber Ducky fan we just have to celebrate.

So first we got all cleaned up and dolled up.

Made sure we had our camera to take photos of the day.

Gathered all of our friends to celebrate.

Held a parade for all to see.

And made sure our love light showed.

We even allowed a penguin to join us. (Especially since that is Lynette355's favorite.)

So make sure you show off your Rubber Ducky today too!
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  1. I thought it was rather funny when your DH showed up at the store this morning and informed me that today really is National Rubber Ducky Day! He even tried to get out of work! HA Sounds like the perfect day for him!

  2. Oh thats too funny and I missed all of yesterdays rubbery goodness :)

    Hows everyone breathing by the way?

  3. I'm kinda partial to the pirate ducks

  4. Wow that's quite a collection! I love it!
    I love the cucumbers and the face mask!!
    The penguin is an adorable add-in.


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