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Milk-got it.
Bread-yep, spare in the freezer.
Eggs-ut oh, nope all out.

Ok, so what else do I need since I have to "run" to the store.
I do not need to spend much but I do not wish to do trips over and over.
Hey, I have those coupons for free cereal.
And also for free dip.

I have to say thanks to General Mills and My Blog Spark for the cereal coupons.
General Mills announced a commitment to further reduce sugar in cereals advertised to kids under 12 to single digit grams of sugar per serving. The company has already been reducing sugar in cereals while increasing key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, and providing whole grain.
I can get 4 boxes free (up to $6.00 each). And I am wanting to make my own homemade cereal bars. I have a working idea in my head. Tell me what do you think.
First oil a cookie sheet.
Then mix my fav "kiddie" cereal up like you do rice krispy treats.
Spread a thin layer in the cookie sheet.
Next spread a creamy peanut butter on top.
And then drizzle (lightly melted) Nutella on that.
Let cool in the fidge for just a lil while.
Then slice with sharp knife into breakfast bars.
Wrap in wax paper then store in fridge.
???? Well ????
Think it will work?

Oh and you remember Dean's Dip review and giveaway?
Well, I have two of the free coupons for dip there too.
So will pick up some of that to go as a snack around here.
So guess I need to add to my shopping list.

Need to get:
and what ever else I see on sale or realize I need.

Ok, that will work.
So off to the store.

Just arrived from the store and am happy to say that I walked away with a bill of $58.00 total. But that I saved $39.45 which is 68% of the bill! Whoot! I am happy that I only spent $58.00 instead of $97.45. That is a decent enough savings for me. I bought my cereal (instead of $15.10 they were free of course) and used the coupons on the cereal boxes to save another $3.00 off of the produce I purchased. Also then received a coupon at check out for $2.00 off of any 5 boxes of General Mills cereal. Well they had a sale going on that special boxes were 5 for $10.00. With the coupon that made the 5 boxes only $8.00 or $1.60 a box. Decent! Long story short on the cereal, I would have spent $25.10 for all 9 boxes but only spent $8.00. And we are stocked up for awhile now.

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  1. Nice sale! I should probably go stock up if that's still going.


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