Learning to Use my ‘Puter

Well I know that I should be more savey about this thang…but?  You see I have used Mac’s for over 10 years.  And I do not know a thing about windows.  And I am so old that I was not taught this stuff growing up.  So lil things still amuse me.

Today’s new lesson.  How I can do a blog post from my desk top using Windows Live Writer.  This is pretty cool to me.  I do not have to open up FireFox.  Then go to blogger.  And then of course set it all up and publish.  Instead just click on the lil widget on my tool bar.  (Which is now on the bottom of my screen.)    A push of a button or two and I have my photos up and my links in. 

Whoot for me!pudds face Here is College Girl showing her excitement for dear ol mom!


  1. Glad you're figuring stuff out! I was taught (some of this stuff) in school and I still don't know a LOT...like what you just blogged about...no clue. Have a great day!

  2. Hey Gal! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Guess you're keeping pretty busy. Hope to see you at Curves Monday! Missed you last night.

    Love & Prayers,


  3. Wow, that's cool to be able to do that. I think I can do this too on Word, but haven't figured out how yet...

    Hope you have a great weekend Lynette!

  4. I'm thinking I could do that if I knew what the heck you were talking about :)


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