Jonas Mania

Hello my dear friends. I want to introduce Miss Amy to y'all. She is today's guest blogger and reviewer. I was lucky to be able to review several videos lately. I will tell y'all more about them all soon. But since I am not the target age of a tween I thought maybe I should get an expert to help me out with the I Heart Jonas Brothers. So HERES AMY!

Well let me first tell you that I am 12 and a huge Jonas Brother fan but I am telling you what I honestly think about I Heart Jonas. I love the whole Macy loving the Jonas brothers and fainting when she sees them. However, I did not like the meat on a sword fight at the restaurant, El Meat, and think that it was just corny. I do like the fact that Stella and Joe finally kiss and such even though Joe is one of my favorite. All I thought in my head was "finally" because they have spent so much of their time together that I thought that they should move on to the next step in their relationship. I want to end this review by finally saying......

I Heart Jonas Brothers (Vol 2) on DVD will be released on January 26th. So be ready for your tween to want their own copy.


  1. I'm so very proud of my Amy! She did a great job reviewing that DVD! I was mildly concerned that her love for the Jonas boys would bias her opinion of the show. I was not all that impressed with the little bit I watched. It didn't seem to have any real storyline and the acting was not great in my opinion. I honestly think that the only reason this show is any bit of a hit is that the Jonas Brothers singing career boosted their image. I think they should have stuck to singing.

  2. Hey Lynette! I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and also letting you know I didn't realize at the time who Amy was. She is really adorable and SMART too, huh? I just came from Jayde's blog, seeing Amy's pictures and hearing about her pageantry. I think it's great. I think she ought to win, but you know politics. Yeah, that was Gary Busey. I was shocked. I always thought of him as a fairly decent loooking man. Not a dream boat necessarily, but decent looking none the less. Good enough that he didn't have to go and make him look like he had tooth picks holding his eyes open. There were a lot more pictures I saw, but I would have been up all night uploading pics if I would have put more. What's funny is that one of my followers Rachel from posted on the same thing this morning without knowing that I had posted on it last night. We even had at least one if not more of the same pictures.
    She did include more pictures than I did. I'm just too slow at uploading and positioning, and besides that, too wordy. Well, I hope you get some sleep for a change! Love ya bunches!



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