Sewing a Friendship

Today is the birthday of my friend Patti over at PJ's Prayer Line. Pop over and tell her to have a happy day. And in keeping with that friendship I want to share an amazing accomplishment.

"Sewing a Friendship" by Natalie Tinti showed up in the mail this last week. It is a lovely book for that preteen girl in your life. For many reasons including a good story line, bright illustrations and a quick read. (It seems that the day is so full for the girls I know.) But there is something that makes this book really special.

Natalie Tinti wrote and illustrated this book. Ok, I know many people are talented and can do just that. But are they only 10 years old? Yes! At 10 Natalie has become a published author. WOW!
I really enjoyed how she put this book together. Starting with a cast of characters, listing their likes and talents. I also was able to see her art work right off the bat. I love the use of original art and using scrapbook ideas to set it off. Then I was able to jump into this chapter book to learn her quick valuable lessons in friendship.

Now in this review I was only offered the book. But I would highly recommend it to your preteen girl. At only $12.95 on Amazon it is quite affordable.
Sewing A Friendship by Natalie Tinti was chosen in December of 2009 as a Finalist in Children-Chapter-Book Category by Readers Favorite.

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  1. Very cool!!! I'll be sure to take a look at that one!

  2. Hey Kiddo! You are such a precious friend. Thank you for including my birthday wish on your post. Next year, I'll start counting backwards. LOL! I think it is awestome about the young writer! I truly believe that the accomplished writer usually knows they are a writer at a young age, they just don't try to develop or do anything with it a lot of times. Hats off to Ms. Trinti. As I am just getting around to my computer, (lste housekeeping, birthday dinner, church, I guess I'd better get busy thanking all those who stopped by to wish me happy birthday, and get on to my post. Love ya bunches!



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