Whale Done Winners

Here is our 5 winners for the Whale Done Parenting. Congrats to all the winners!

jenjo3d of Rants and Raves said...
Ok, I have to have one! I love the way they redirect negative attention and replace it with a good suggestion simply replacing bad behavior with good! Also, I will link to my blog. People will enjoy reading it even if they don't have kids. Jen and Poo

nchokkan said...
WOW, I read the first book in this series and simply loved it .. now can't wait for this second one!
From the sample chapters, what I liked most was, the 'supposed-to-be-complex-management-concept' is broken down into a useful theory for the real life, So that any parent could read, enjoy and benefit it!- Naga
In honor of their brand new baby that is growing in her tummy right now!
The poor college students guide to raising a baby

Things About Things
To help with her lil lady as they both learn something new each day.

A new mom and how I kick ass at it. I pretend to be domestic and would rather get a tattoo than don an apron. I am neither funny nor profound. What I am is medicated.

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  1. Congrats to he winners!
    I am out trying to catch up with all the blogs i have missed reading so much!!!

  2. Great news - thanks :)

  3. Yay thanks so much nor nor i can't wait to read it!


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