Redneck Christmas

What constitutes a Redneck Christmas?
Well, different things for different folks.
But we did a special treat for my mom.

You see she lived in West Texas for the majority of her early life.
And she has seen many a tumble weed too.
As a matter of fact, she has had tumble weed Christmas trees.

And we just so happened across one here in Central Texas.
So my Dear Hubby loaded it up and brought it home.

Then we spray painted it silver.

Put it on the front porch on our patio table.

Strung lights, decorations and even a hat on top.
We also put our holiday decorations under the tree as if they were gifts.

And that is how a Redneck Christmas is done!

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  1. That is too awesome...when I lived a little further west I regularly passed a house that had a "snowman" made out of tumbleweeds. I think it's great!!

  2. Oh your Redneck Christmas makes me miss all the years I lived in Texas.. I loved chasing Tumbleweeds as a kid.. so much fun. What a great "gift" for your mom. Enjoy!

  3. :) Lynette--that's awesome!! You know, here in W. Tx. that Tumbleweeds are abundant. We had a huge one blocking our driveway the other day when we got home. Hope Granny M enjoys her tumbleweed tree! :) Merry Christmas to each of you!!

  4. that is so cool!! we must be rednecks reminded me of when we lived in lancaster way out in the desert those things get huge!!!! what a neat idea.


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