Thankful Thursday 11-09

I am filing a photo montage for the Thankful Thursday. I hope you enjoy it!

First I am thankful for all of my Dear Hubby's family. Our family reunion over this last weekend was a wonderful event. I so look forward to this time with family and being lucky enough to be the hostess. Of course my Dear Hubby and family helps so very much. Thank y'all!

I am thankful for my adorable grand children and their beautiful mom. What a joy it is to have them as part of my life. Just seeing them makes my face light up!

I am thankful for Miss Emma, College Girl's lil sister. She is so bright and cheerful. Here she is as the beautiful princess that she was for Halloween.

And here I am very thankful for this beautiful artwork that I won from (♥ World Through the Eyes of a Fiber Artist ♥). The Mermaid and Raven art quilt ACEO is such delicate work. I just had to show it off here in my hutch.

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  1. Lynette, My little mermaid looks right at home in your display. The picture you took is fantastic, the colors are better (more true to live) than the photo that I took of it!

    You probably saw that I have a series of photos of my artworks in their new homes. May I use this photo with a link to your blog on my blog as the next installement of the series?

  2. Beautiful just BEAUTIFUL reasons to be Thankful...loved it!

  3. Great looking family, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. I wouldn't know how to act if I had a family that big, (that actually kept in touch that is! Nice looking family! Were there any hotel rooms left? LOL! Really, I'm so happy for you. Out of my whole family, the I keep in touch with both sisters by e-mail, although one mainly writes if she and her hubby are having a tent-revival somewhere (He's an evangelist) and the other only sends me "forwards". Now that's really keeping in touch. OH well, could be worse. As far as your comment to me, Yes, I agree, that's silly, "a little paranoid" ya think? Hey! I still have her key, should I mail it back to her? Wouldn't want her to have to get a restraining order out on me too, you know, guilty by association? LOL! Some people can be a little on the ridiculous side. Missed Curves today. Had to go to Temple for Hubby's doctor appointment. At least I get lunch out of the deal! If you ever go to Temple, and like Mexican Food, go to El Dorado's The food is fantastic and not bad prices either. See you tomorrow! Thanks again for the cans. I know what I'm gonna be doing most of tomorrow and Saturday! I'll come to Curves Monday looking like Popeye "on one side"! Picture that! LOL

    Love ya!


  5. Great photos! Such a big family, and how fun to get everyone together.

    Congrats on winning - that's a great prize!!


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