Road Trip

Today is going to be a fun one.
Because it is a girlfriends road trip day!

I was so happy when Nessa asked me to head off to Dallas with her today.

We are going to visit Central Market to Deck the Halls with Delicious!

Pairing Wine and CheeseImage by Mark & Andrea Busse via Flickr

We are going to enjoy wine and cheese tastings, mouth-watering morsels from their catering department, great gifts under $20, giveaways and much more!

No matter how much we love that event there is even more. Nessa has it set up to visit with another wonderful blogger who is just around the corner from our destination. So lunch will be a girls giggle and gab session.

And of course just the time that we have in the car. Laughing, singing to CD's and generally getting away from it all. I know that y'all would love to be on the road with us too. So sometime today just imagine the warm 70 degree wind blowing through the windows as you cruise the highways and byways. I am sure you will start to hear the song Margaritaville before you know it.

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