Grandparents Handbook Give Away

With the holidays coming up I am getting excited about seeing my grand babies. Well, I guess they are not really babies anymore at 1 and 5 years old. It was fantastic to visit with them at our family reunion on Halloween. But we still have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.

I love any time I can have with my two dears. But I also like that I have a secret weapon when it comes to ideas to keep them entertained. And I am willing to share my secret weapon with you too. Yes, I am going to give one away! All thanks to Quirk Books for sending me one and providing a book for the winner.

The Grand Parents Handbook is filled with all kinds of ideas. It was created by 3 different people. ELIZABETH LABAN a Philadelphia-based writer, editor, and mother of two. Along with her mother and father, BARBARA TROSTLER the grandmother of two. She lives in Philadelphia, about four blocks from grandchildren Alice and Arthur. DR. MYRON LABAN is Elizabeth’s father-in-law and the grandfather of five. He hops on airplanes whenever he can to visit grandchildren Eli, Dahlia, Alice, Arthur, and Logan. So you know that they put their own personal games and ideas in here for us to learn from.

The Grandparents Handbook features dozens of activities that will guarantee hours of fun, educational quality time-from building dollhouses and catching fish to flying kites, baking bread, making your own mini golf course, creating a family newspaper, and much more. These illustrated instructions will lead grandparents down surprising paths of discovery as they teach the youngest generation about family, friendship, and the world around them. It’s the perfect gift for any grandparent and grandparent-to-be!

Check out these 5 ideas from The Grandparents Handbook. Pick your favorite and tell me about it in the comments. That is your first entry (and mandatory) to win your copy.
You can comment again with your favorite game or activity for you kids or grand kids. That is a second entry.
Additional entries can all be done with a separate comment for each for following, having my button, twittering, links on face book, sending others to the giveaway (they have to credit you) and blogging about this great giveaway. Make sure that I can contact you some how in order to let you know if your the winner.


  1. I love the idea of the back yard Olympics! how cool!


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