What's For Dinner

Dinner plans anyone?

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Well, I went to the store today and found some great sales.

First a large bag of limes for $1.00. Yeah!
So I came home and made fresh limeade for our dinner drink.

Another large bag of celery (around 2 large bunches) for $1.00. Again!
Chopped up some for dinner of Bar-B-Que Meatloaf, small sticks in the fridge with ice water for snacks this week and chopped rest and froze to cook with.

Third large bag of bananas for $1.00. (That is the magic price!)

Simple Raw LunchImage by tiffanywashko via Flickr

We can eat them for a healthy snack this week.
And that look like they may not make it will become Banana Bread this weekend.

Of course there was other things purchased. Like the apples, grapes, cucumbers, carrots, meat for dinner and the such. But I did make it home with lots of fresh fruit and veggies to eat on this week. So now I just have to remind myself to eat!

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