If Mama Ain't Happy

Well we have all heard the saying "If momma ain't happy then no one is happy!" and that is so true.
How do we stay happy? Especially when so many mothers have to juggle so many responsibilities what do we do. Have you lost sight of what makes you happy? Do you make conscious choices every day to take care of your happiness the way you take care of your health?

"What Happy Working Mothers Know" is a new book that guides us in positive psychology to leading a healthy and happy balance in our work and home life. Written by a behavioral scientist and global leadership guru, and an international lawyer and career coach, this mom-friendly guide offers practical tactics that truly work. Cathy L. Greenberg, Ph.D. and Barrett S. Avigdor J.D. wrote this book as a way to help energize and inspire women. They help remind us of that saying above. And no one can make us happy so we have to do it ourselves too!

So how do we stay happy?
Well we can look at the word happy and apply it as an acronym.
Proud of Family
Proud of Work
Young at Heart

Do you try and fulfill these and if so how do you do that?

In "What Happy Working Mothers Know" you will discover the following.

• Includes interactive activities that illustrate important lessons in the book
• Shows you how to use positive psychology to shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundance

mama's sign happyImage by zen via Flickr

mentality for workplace success
• Helps you tap into your own sense of joy every day for your own happiness and the happiness of those around you
• Science-based and packed with real case studies of real working moms

I know that with all the different 'hats' I have been wearing it is harder to focus on myself and not on my responsibilities. Super woman I am not, but as so many of us do, I try to be. Thinking that I can do it all. Care for family, home, jobs and still be out there offering more. Do you do that? Well, here is a guide to help me find my balance. Making sure I remember that
Momma is happy and healthy in order to care for her family.

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