5 Winners of The Shandle

I loved getting the Shandle. And want to have another for my other bathroom. And I am going to order it soon! In the meantime, I am able to share the Shandle with you!
So here it is. I have the ability to give away 5 SHANDLES!

And here are our 5 winners!

The King Family said... 2

That is SO awesome! What a great idea!

♥georgie♥ said... 6

and....i just went and RE-read the rules and Lynette I am so sorry i have mucked them up! My brain is NOT functioning...forgive me please

Anonymous said... 8

Frog Bear Runs Away is my favorite Shandle. I am on the Shandle newsletter list. Thank you.


Gianna said... 13

I subscribed :)

lilyk said... 15

I became a fan of the Shandle on Facebook.

I will be sending out your winning emails this morning. Get back with me as I need names and addresses so you can have the Shandle sent to you as soon as possible. Congrats!
I hope you love the Shandle as much as I do.

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