Respectfully Yours

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Matthew 7:12

Many of us grew up with this being one of the first known rules. The golden rule. The one you do not break. We learned this rule as the rule of respect in my home. And you gave respect to others not expecting it first either. To this day I have had a healthy attitude about respect. As I have help raise many lil ones, I have said yes Mame and no Sir to them. I tell them please and thank you. That is how they learn to say these things. As you get older you begin to learn why.

"The Power of Respect" is a book written by Deborah Norville (yes the anchor woman of Insider Edition). When I was looking for books to review I was thrilled to see this title. Especially the subtitle. "Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success". Yes, you are successful when you give respect. First, you have not lost your own respect then. Second, your giving a gift to someone one else (the ol pay it forward rule).

Deborah reminds us how powerful respect is. And how important it is to make it a part of our daily lives. Reminding us again that this is a fundamental rule. We respond to people who respect us. We look up to people we respect. In a world where life is so fast the power of respect can slow it down. It puts a pause in the conversation. And most often a smile on a face.

Remember to use this tool, this basic gesture, this golden rule to enhance your life. Read "The Power of Respect" to remind yourself how important you are as well as those around you. Share this book with new mothers, young graduates and those starting off in marriage. As respect will help them grow in all areas of their lives.

Thanks, Deborah for reminding us of this basic tenant.

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  1. Interesting that Debra still retains this after working in the news industry, which tends to spit out women at an alarming rate.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful book. I remember her from way back. It's cool that she is writing some empowering books.


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