What Feels Good

Today's McLinky Blog Hop is based on Anything That Feels Good!
So I am going to share with you 5 photos of feel good times for me.

#1 Landon, my young grandson. I love this photo where he is wearing his "Coppie's" (Dear Hubby) cap. His eyes are bright and love is shining through. Anytime I see my grandbabies I am overwhelmed with those feel good moments.

#2. My College Girl always makes me happy. But here is a feel good moment for her. How good it feels when your at work and someone shows up with a comfort meal for you to enjoy.

#3. It is always wonderful to have a good looking man smile for your camera, thanks Steve. But more than that is having a hug from a beautiful pet. How good this feels.

#4. This is one of my favorite feel good things. And it is Nessa who is getting the pleasure of enjoying the soft warm grass as she parades around barefoot. Sad that College Girl can not do this since she is allergic to chiggers which are prolific in Texas.

5. This is a fantastic feel good for me. Being out with the sun shining, water all around and fishing with my friends. Thanks again to Nessa and her Dear Hubby for making this possible for me this year.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your list of good things!

    Thank you for entering your idea into my giveaway. I love your idea! However to be eligible for the giveaway you need to be a follower, and I can't spot you in my follower list. Please join, you can always delete it after the giveaway is over.

  2. Thanks for clarifying! I "know" Lynette without 355 :) I always enjoy your comments!

    What does 355 stand for?

  3. test comment from pj

  4. Your grandson is adorable!!! And even wearing an orange shirt! I love it!


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