Ms. Pier--An Icon

I remember that she was shorter than most of my teachers. And she came across like a female Napoleon Bonaparte. But she became my favorite teacher.
Ms. Pier was our 6th grade history teacher. And I think maybe our class impressed her because she was also our 7th grade history teacher. You see as our class changed years so she did. On into our 8th grade year. The end of junior high was easy for us. We all wanted to go on and be the big shots in high school. And our class mentor wanted us to continue to grow too.
She had taught us all the history we needed so far, so what else was there to do?

We started 9th grade in our brand new big school and guess who was there. Yeah, your right. Ms. Pier front and center. And we enjoyed her bringing history to life again. Next was 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Carol Pier stood by our sides for 7 years. She told us at graduation she just could not bear to let us go before. Now she knew we were all ready to continue on.

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I started looking for Ms. Pier on MyLife this last week. I have tried to find her through our alumni association to no avail. I am not sure at this point if she is even alive anymore. Morbid thought? No?

Ms. Pier had a strong sense of duty and even greater a love for her students. You see she never had any children, so we were hers. And she was ill, quite ill. Every summer and each holiday period Ms. Pier would be checked back into the hospital for treatments. They told her to prepare for this to be her last year teaching. She would not hear of it. There was a duty to help us finish school. And she saw us through.

I hope that using MyLife I have the ability to find her. Or at least others who remember her as fondly as I do.

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