I am Lenore

Yes, you may know me as Lynette355 but honestly I am Lenore. And as Lenore, I have found that I am many things. Here in my life I am a wife, mother, friend, hard worker, volunteer,

Illustration by Henry Sandman for Poe's poem L...Image via Wikipedia

caregiver, pet owner (or is that owned by pets?)....the list goes on.

But? Online? I am much more interesting.

I searched my name Lenore.
Now I knew it would pull up Edger Allen Poe and the Raven and the poem Lenore. For that is the origin of my name. But there is more....much more.

I also was aware that I am the Cute Little Dead Girl Lenore. I found this interesting cartoon about a year ago from College Girl. And honestly was quite amused.

Today I discovered that I am more versatile then ever. As Lenore I am:

A china pattern on two different kinds of China. One by Treasure Chest and the other by Noritake.

A county in Oklahoma, a town in Idaho and in West Virginia. (My zip code is 25676)

LenoreImage by splityarn via Flickr

Two different Lakes, one in Washington and the other in Canada. Lake Lenore, has a nice ring to it.

I find it interesting that I am socks. Yes, goth socks. I am also a necklace, a collection of bags and a pair of shoes.

I am also a cave but I hear I am disappointing in that department.

I am a dog, cat, cow, chicken, horse, bird, mouse, snake, rabbit and ferret at least to some. Oh, I am also a hearse.

I am 3 bands, a jazz pianist and a folk singer. One band being a Metal Band....hummm, interesting.

I am a character in Star Trek and an actress who was in Star Trek (Next Generation).

I am a French Vampire Hunter, Vicky Lenore with some awesome boobs!


  1. Wow there are so many different things associated with your name. How cool!

  2. LOl'ing at the "awesome boobs"


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