A Weekend of Slap & Tickle

This weekend was wonderful! I am so relaxed and happy. It was wonderful to be able to have a weekend away from it all. Dear Hubby and I had a belated anniversary this year at our usual haunt, a Bed & Bath. Our weekend started Friday night when DH was a dear sweetheart and made us dinner. He insisted that I go and take a bubble bath while he cooked. You know I jumped on that one! And of course I had a special velvet lingerie gown with rhinestone straps to wear for dinner.

A wonderful leisurely dinner and beautiful music sure made the evening special. Of course we made use of having the whole place all to ourselves.

Saturday we dashed off early to see College Girl and her play at school. She was the set designer for the children's play this year. Afterward was lunch of Moo Shu Chicken (my fav), a trip to Wiseman House for some truffles and a stop at Ol Doc's Soda Shop for a Frosty Frosty. Then back to the Bed & Bath.

There we had something special planned. A lil Slap & Tickle. Have you heard of that phrase? It is what my grandparents use to say to indicate some fun loving. Well, we had the Slap & Tickle Kit from Eden Fantasy's. It is what I would consider a beginners restraint kit. But I have to say this is one adult toy I really enjoyed it. You see I am normally very very very in charge of all the things I do. That type A personality that they talk about. So to have the roles reversed was a very nice change.

There is satin cuffs and blindfold that was quite silky to the touch. Also a Do Not Disturb Sign (like we needed that being all alone finally), some "instruction" cards for healthy hints and a wonderful feather tickler. I will say that I did have a lil disappointment. As this all comes with a satin pouch to keep it all in. As soon as we went to open the pouch the gold button popped off. Oh pooh! At least I still have the button and can do a lil repair on the pouch. But this weekend sure did bring our love life from a spark back to a flame!

I do have to say the fantasy was made complete with this beautiful four post bed at the Bed & Bath. Do be careful if you get the Slap & Tickle Kit because it is more for beginners. With the ribbon ties I made sure that I did not struggle. I was unsure if they would hold if I did. But that also kept up the fantasy too! I know this lil bit of Slap & Tickle was an eye rolling experience.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a snack dinner of meats, cheeses, fruit and dips while watching Martian Child. Sunday was the best! A complete day all alone. We took time to watch a movie, play some games and spent plenty of cuddle time together. I feel so happy having had this time alone with Dear Hubby. We went ahead and stayed Sunday night. This morning after giving DH a good bye kiss (he had to go to work), I cleaned up and packed all our stuff back up. And now back to real life. Oh, I think I will just sit here a moment and remember our weekend.

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  1. OOH!OOH! You made me blush!!HaHa! I'm glad you had fun. Sounds like you had enough fun for the both of us! Our idea of an anniversary is going to Stephenville out to eat, go to a movie, then back home. Our big slap and tickle (as you call it) is a kiss goodnight. He goes to his room and I go to mine. Yippee! Glad your home though, been missing your comments. I thank you for the kind words about "walking the walk". I try, but sometimes I slip.

    Love ya bucnes!



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