Miss Emma is Rash Free

Jennifer Reilly was kind enough to send me Jenerations Baby Lotion that she created. You see I help take care of College Girl's lil sister (yet not my child). And Miss Emma has the most sensitive skin I have ever seen. Every lil touch turns her red. And we can hardly find any skin care products or cleansers that she does not break out from. So I was thrilled to try a lotion that would not make her sensitive skin turn red, break out in a rash or itch her. We tried out this lotion with everyone in the family. I am not a lotion fan as it normally feels quite greasy to me. But, I was quite surprised to feel this lotion moisturize my hands and they felt silky. And the scent is quite nice. Even Dear Hubby's working mans hands felt much better. And best yet? Emma did not break out on her hands or her tummy where we did a patch test. Thanks Jenerations for providing this product for Miss Emma.

Most children’s body care products contain harsh chemicals, such as sulfates and parabens, and tea tree oil and lavender, staples of many natural/organic products, have recently been shown to cause unhealthy increases in children’s hormone levels. The jenerations baby® line is completely hypoallergenic, physician-tested and all made with only the safest natural and organic ingredients. After much research and scientific testing, jenerations baby® was born. The newly formulated hair and body care product line for babies and children is 100% free of sulfates and parabens, and made with no lavender or tea tree oils.

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