Math Woes

That is just how my College Girl feels. She has a hard time understanding math. And she needs Help with Math
I was told by another mother of a Theater student that she felt they needed a college course of Theater math. It seems many of the students seem to have trouble grasping their college math courses. Well I found free college algebra help.
I am not sure what you have done to help your student? I know that I can sit here and wring my hands or start looking for answers. And when it comes to College Girl she has to have help to solve math problems.

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  1. Math is a huge weakest link with me.. I know enough math to balance a checkbook. To figure a tip at a restaurant, and to do my taxes... That's it.. Addition, subtraction, divide and multiply... The end of my skills..
    Glad you could find some online help for your daughter.. Thank goodness for the computer!

  2. this is awesome! I wonder if they offer High school math help! we could use that around here i am horrible with math and am no help to my childrens


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