Number Please

Whew, this week has been a busy one for me. With helping out at Curves and Mary's Antiques,

Telephone operators, 1952Image by Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr

cleaning Mary's B & B and caring for Emma----whew. Now I am also working on fixing things for Dear Hubby and my special anniversary weekend. (Even if it is a month late.)

Then I have been getting phone calls from my niece, sister and the plumber I do an answering service for. It seems I have become the newest telephone operator.

I am asked over and over again for phone numbers and addresses for all kinds of businesses. But I have had some help by connecting online with Thanks goodness I can pop on there and am connected with,, and

For example this week I have popped on to to look up legal aid for my niece, where to purchase walk in bathtubs for the plumber and what is the half way point from Johnson City and Wichita Falls Texas. I begin to think I am the information for this area.

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  1. You sound so very very busy...
    Wichita Falls TExas oh I remember going there.. We lived in Lawton Oklahoma for years.. I have a very best friend Nancy... Her parents dared to move her to Wichita Falls. Luckily we had great parents who would drive half way and drop one of us off for the weekend..
    Unfortunately I lost track of Nancy after our move to Ohio.. Wonder whatever happened to her she honestly was like a sister.
    WEll keep busy!!! Life is good

  2. just stopping by to say hi! Great blog :)

  3. If I had your number I would call and ask for information on how to navigate life LOL.

    Glad to see you are keeping busy and happy, Lynette.


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