VERIZON Still Killing ME!

I tried a new exercise program called FUTILE WORKS!

It is where you call VERIZON (who pulled your Internet without cause and has to take two weeks to get it reinstated),

then you push a million buttons (great finger exercise)

....lose you temper and end up screaming at the universe in general (you know how important it is to get good breathing when you exercise)

and end up when you slam the phone and pull your hair out (that is before the cool down period).
No that is not my new program but it sure did get my blood pressure up and my pulse racing!

Yes, I am out begging Internet hook ups on the street. Thank goodness Mary is letting me hunker down in front of her computer for a few moments to get out a blog or two. So bear with me as I am hit and miss for a lil while. I will check on all of y'all Thursday when I get my next Internet fix....I will be jonesing for a fix by then!!!!


  1. I have had some horrible issues with Verizon in the past, but I have had some wonderful experiences with them in the last couple years and been very happy with my service...though I only have them for my cell phones. I think most really large companies have issues like this ALL the time....I currently have issues similar with Comcast and our cable.

    Stopping by from georgie's to say hi to my fellow SSSs! I'm a new follower now. :)

  2. Ugh - I so hate it when my internet is not working!!! Hope it's back on track soon!

    Stopping by to visit other Secret Santa's :)!


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