Weekend Woes

Well each day is a new day. And we have had a full day yesterday and today does not look much better.

In bed with a broken foot.Image by davesag via Flickr

Yesterday my Dear Hubby had an accident and busted up his foot. Weird accident but that is the only kind he has. You see, we have two long 'baby gates' across the front of our porch. One is on top of the other. They are to keep the dogs from going off the porch and chasing cars down the road. Well yesterday, when my DH stopped by the house at lunch time he was standing on the front steps visiting with me. Then he leaned forward on the gates and of course they came tumbling down. Well that would have been hard enough. But, Miss Emma (College Girl's 3 yr old lis sis) was on this side of the gates and my hands were full. So I tried to move her while DH tried to avoid the fall. He twisted and caught his foot between the front top step (lined with metal) and sat on it with his bottom. Yes a grown man can make his leg bend that way! Well we ended up in ER and they say it is a fracture that you treat like a break.
So he is off work of both jobs AGAIN. Second time in 3 weeks (first was hospital stay 2 weekends ago). And may get to go back to light duty on Monday. In the meantime he has to be immobile with his foot raised for three days. Men hate being still when they are told to!
Well that was the first thing.

does your roof leak?Image by nuanc via Flickr

Next, we have had some ever needed cooling rain. YIPEE! That is good news.
But there is a leak above my mom's bed. Oh no! And Dear Hubby can not get in attic or on roof to fix it. So we had to call on Nessa's Dan to please come an give us a quick fix.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
Well one thing is Dear Hubby and my 6th wedding anniversary.
That is good news.
But can not go out as we planned due to busted foot.
No dancing for me.

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  1. What a drag! Hope your hubby mends quickly.

  2. I certainly hope that things improve around your house. I know how Hubby's can be when they are down. My Hubby broke his foot on Christmas day. Yep, Christmas Day we visited the ER. And it was empty. There were no other patients in the ER. Anyway, I hope he gets to feeling better soon. You should sit down and relax with him and play a game or two.

  3. Stopping in to catch up... hope DH's foot is better soon. ;o(
    Big hugs to you! Happy anniversary!


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