Weekend Let Down

Well yesterday came and went and I am a lil blue due to it.

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Yes, I was glad to have the day with my Dear Hubby but I feel like I let him down.
Now circumstances being what they were it is understandable.
But that does not change my feelings.

Okay, DH's foot had to stay propped up.
And he did enjoy the NCIS marathon too!
I made him homemade banana bread and worked on good meals for him too.
I am glad that he is healing and able to go back to work on light duty for at least one of his two jobs.

But, we did not get to celebrate our anniversary.
And we always make sure to have this time for just us.
No time away from all others this year.
No special dates or dancing all alone or cuddles just the two of us.
Weekend of slow music, seductive food (yeah food can be seductive) or long stretches renewing our relationship.

Just hanging out, being together and letting the weekend flow on by.

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